Tunstall Financial Management is a well established firm providing wide ranging financial advice to individuals and companies.

From our base in Lincolnshire the firm reaches out to clients across the UK and strives to build close, long term relationships with them.

We firmly believe that putting the client first is the key to achieving satisfactory outcomes for them and to building future long term success for our business.


We endeavour to build an ethos in the firm around the key areas of honesty, integrity and transparency. Also establishing mutual trust, confidence and respect with our clients enables them to return time and again to seek advice from us. These principles are the cornerstones of our business and are crucial to our continued success.


Our service is built around comprehensive financial planning and sound investment principles. By exploring your goals and objectives we can tailor a financial strategy specific to your needs.

Our financial planning process is broken down into a series of stages (see below) which focus on ensuring your life aspirations and the investment of your money are carefully aligned.

Having completed a detailed review of your currentposition and arrangements, we will provide you with specific recommendations and explain the benefits and risks associated with the approach we have suggested.

If you are happy with our recommendations we will help you complete the relevant paperwork and put your financial plan in place.

As your aspirations evolve in your life, so should your financial plan and we will be on hand to review this with you on a regular basis, should you choose.





Openwork is a well-established financial services distribution company supporting hundreds of firms, like ours, around the UK.

Being part of Openwork gives our business the support we need to do what we do best - giving you high quality professional financial advice.

Openwork provides us with the following:

  • Access to the pension, investment, mortgage and protection products from some of the UK's biggest brands
  • Payment administration and reconciliation services
  • IT
  • Regulatory support

Our Process



Stage 1


We establish your life goals, personal circumstances, aspirations and concerns.

Stage 2


We collect all relevant personal and financial data and establish your perceived risks.

Stage 3


We assess you current position and how you have arrived there, with the intention of making are commendation on the type of products that will best suit your needs.

Stage 4


Having completed the preparatory work, we will prepare a personal report and recommendations, then set out different strategies which can be used to get you where you want to be.

Stage 5


We agree the plan to implement the strategy to help you achieve your objectives over a given period of time.

Stage 6


If you choose, we will meet on an ongoing basis to assess your strategy and implement the next steps in your plan.

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