Some insurance products can be fairly straight forward
but in order to get the best value for money it is
important to source the right level of cover for your
individual circumstances.


We are here to help you navigate this complex world. We help you quantify the likely costs associated with potential catastrophies that your family or business might face. We will take great care in our discussions around the potential implications of death, long-term illness and injuries on your finances and how we can best protect your standard of living.

There is a vast array of insurance and assurance products available: some will provide increasing cover, others decreasing; different policies pay out for different things, at different times and to different people; some pay outs will get tied up in probate and could be liable to inheritance tax, others will pay out immediately to pre-determined beneficiaries with no tax implications; some premiums go up every year and others stay the same. We are here to help; we do the leg-work and create a solution that offers value for money and is designed to meet your individual circumstances. We will make sure that you understand what cover is being provided, how and when benefits will be paid, and what the premiums will be and whether or not they will change.

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