Although pensions offer excellent tax
advantages, they aren't appropriate if you
want flexible access to your money at any time.


To us, “savings” mean money that you are putting to one side to use at a later date when the need may be greater. You may have a specific objective and timeframe in which case we can advise you on how much you’ll need to save based on different investment strategies.

This isn’t just for the rich; you may only have a couple of hundred pounds a month to save, or perhaps a couple of thousand. Either way, adding our professional expertise could be transformational to your savings.

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Baby Boomers


You have reached the point at which your pension scheme might provide you with a tax free lump sum; your mortgage is entering its final years of repayments or may have disappeared from your monthly expenses entirely; legacies might be passed down from the generation above and you are probably become mindful of the impact that spending decisions will have on the longevity of your financial resources.

Depending on your current sources of income, the tax haven of an ISA may or may not be appropriate.

More than ever, guidance from a professional financial adviser, like Ken or James, becomes invaluable. We can help you map out the likely financial demands over the next decades. We can ensure that money is available when you will need it and that it is invested appropriately whilst you don’t. And, most importantly, we can plan so that you don’t run out.

You may also be anxious about inheritance tax and whether your family will be burdened with a liability to HMRC. You may be wondering what you can give away now without risking a retrospective tax bill on your estate. Whether you want to allocate monies for your family now, or just pass on what is left in the most tax efficient way, we can structure your savings and investments in the right way, using an ISA if appropriate. Although this can be complicated, it isn’t an expensive service and the benefits can be substantial.

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Generation X

40'S AND 50'S

As milestone birthdays approach, the next generation are getting married and grandchildren are arriving, it’s a time of big expenses. As long as you get a five-year head start and you have at least a couple of hundred pounds a month to spare, then there is a lot that can be achieved. We will show you the potential of a structured savings or investment plan that harnesses the power of “pound cost averaging” and “compound interest”.

As your income peaks, we will make sure that where possible, you make full use of your ISA allowance to that your savings are protected from any reduction in your “personal savings allowance”.

We will make sure that you use the right financial products to suit you and that they are set up to provide access to the money when you need it.

We will also advise on the best investment strategy to match your feelings about risk and your growth objectives.

Generation Y


Protecting your family from financial catastrophes is the first priority, followed by saving for retirement. Once we’ve helped you ensure that these primacies are covered, we can then help ensure that your savings, however modest, are structured in the best way.

If you haven’t yet purchased your first home, we will advise you on how to access any government saving incentives that may be available to you through the use of an appropriate ISA. We will also help you understand how tax on different methods of saving can be affected by your level of income so that we choose the right financial product.

We will help you maximise your savings based on how soon you want to access the money, how you feel about investment risk, and how much you want the money to grow by.

Generation Z


Cars, houses, weddings, babies: there are so many demands on your finances though your twenties and being able to use savings is a far better option than racking up expensive debt. The amounts may seem overwhelming but there is a lot that can be achieved with as little as £40/week.

Setting up “pots” is pretty straight forward; you may already have this option through your banking app. But if you are relying on the interest rate from your current account, savings account or cash ISA then you are missing out on the potential of achieving higher returns.

Some of your saving objectives may require you to take investment risk. We will spend as much time as you need explaining the types or risk and how the amount of risk taken affects the potential returns on your savings. Once you are comfortable with these concepts, we will profile your “attitude to risk” and work with you to find the most appropriate investment strategy for you.

Often, it is better to hold these investments within an ISA “wrapper” and we will explain the tax benefits of this if they are applicable to you.
If you have a pension set up with us then we are often able to provide visibility of your investment ISA through the same on line portal.

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